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April 2012


Dear Readers,

You don't need me to tell you that 2012 is marching on! Busy Busy, full of unexpected detours and surprises!

The year began with an invitation from Trevor Richards of Morpeth Gallery to represent my work. (Thank you John for presenting our work to Trevor).

So we planned a trip down in February- it had to be postphoned because of floods in NSW and a date 2 weeks later was decided on, guess what...another flood held us back! Not to worry March looked good...then I gave Ron, our friends and family members a terrible fright. Chest pains came on while at the gym...and continued. Four overnight hospital stays, and investigations over a month, including trips to Toowoomba and Brisbane, only to find that it wasn't my heart at all- muscular!!! Stress? Tension? Pulled muscles?- who knows, but the ticker is working fine and the chest pains have now gone!

Then a back store-room/under back stairs clean-up day at home (very much needed!) resulted in a compression fracture of my sacrum- non too comfortable for travelling! However today (18th) we had planned to head south...not so (again!- sorry Trevor) Why this time? Unfortunately my rear end is not yet fit for travelling! (thank goodness the physio is helping because my pelvis was all of a kilter too, and sitting -excruciating!)

Now we have committments until mid June! Here they are...

April 29. Mick Bradford's Heavy Horse Day

And we will be having a stall! (our gazebo gets it's first use). I am flat out in the print department. I've been in touch with Mick Bradford of Yangan, and his annual Heavy Horse Demonstration Day to raise much needed funds for CareFlight is on the 29th of this month- Again my clydesdale collection of prints along with a range of other horsey prints will be displayed and available to purchase. We will be easy to find- on the southeastern corner of the farmhouse and next to the Icecream van! A portion of proceeds will be donated to CareFlight.
Check it out at:

May 5 & 6. Gatton Heavy Horse Field Days

And we will be having a stall! Again my clydesdale collection of prints along with a range of other horsey prints will be displayed and available to purchase. This is an event I have been wanting to get to ever since I first experience of it in 1991!

May 19 & 20. Air and Land SpectacularA-DROP -FOR-MY-MATE

And we will be having our light horse print display again this year!
It promises to be bigger and better again this year. Ron's beautiful painting is "A Drop For My Mate" and will be shown for the first time. He is as I type this, busily painting one of the most dramatic -explosive paintings you can promises to be a beauty! If he can keep up the pace it would be nice to have it also at the Air and land Spectacular, but if not this year, it will certainly be ready for next
year. See:



June 9 & 10. History Alive A Journey Through Time

And we will be having a stall!
I don't quite know how, but earlier this year we received an invitation to have a stall at this annual event in Brisbane. Australian history painting, particularly the Australian Light Horse is our forte and so here we go!
"History Alive: A Journey Through Time invades Fort Lytton National Park for its 13th consecutive year in 2012. History Alive is a multi-period re-enactment event presented by the Queensland Living History Federation.
History Alive is a unique timeline event, with re-enactment and living history groups from the Roman Legions through to the Vietnam Era and everything in-between.
History Alive is held on the Queen’s Birthday Weekend in June, it goes off with a bang at 10am on Saturday the 9th."


After that effort, we shall be going south to meet Trevor and visit family and friends- and have a wonderful holiday in Ron's now completed and very beautiful(inside) old van. Then we shall head north to warmer climes and do the same...if all goes to plan!

Some thoughts on time and direction

The bad news is time flies. The good news is you're the pilot.- Michael Althsuler

What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.
- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Intelligence is the ability to adapt to change.
- Stephen Hawking

That's it for now...maybe we'll meet in person at one of the above shows. If so let me know so that I can put a face to your name, if we have not met before.


Jennifer Marshall

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I picked up the print today from our nosy small town postal worker. "What did you get from Australia?" she asked. When I remarked that it was a print of the Australian Light Horse in WWI all that generated was a very puzzled look.
In any event the print is absolutely gorgeous . . . better "in person" than on the website! Thanks so much for sending it out so fast. Now I've got to make some wall space available . . .
michael-j-martin Mike

Michael J Martin & Virginia, Wisconsin

Dear Mr. Marshall,

Your print on canvas "The Charge" was given to me at my retirement dinner by my officers of the Special Operations Component, Coral Springs Police Department in Coral Springs, Florida. Trully stunning rendition which captures the excitement of the moment while conveying a warmth of comeradeship to the end. It will hang in my study above my collection of King and Country Lighthorsemen collectibles.

I served 35 years with Coral Springs Police Department with the last four years as Captain of the S.O.C. which is 26 officers strong with various units (Tactical & Gang, K-9, Bikes and Substations).

Your painting made my day, thank you, F McK.