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ROLAND PERRYAustralian War Horse who rode into bravery and valour at the desert campaigns of Egypt and Palestine. Based on the true story of a great Australian Waler War horse. He was the mount of Major J Shanahan 2ndLHR. Bill the Bastard, a gelding gained his reputation due to a habit of bucking whenever asked to gallop. Bill was a massive horse, he had power, intelligence and courage, but no one could ride him but Major Shanahan.  However when Major Shanahan found four unmounted troopers outflanked by the Turks during the battle of Romani, Bill the Bastard carried all five men- three on his back and one on each stirrup to safety. Bill became a legend, a symbol of the courage and breakable will of the Anzac Mounted force.

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Berrie joined the 6th Light Horse regiment on 19/1/1915, and stayed with the regiment the entire war, being promoted to Leiteneant on the 9/3/1918 This history was compiled and written by Berrie in 1919, and first published in 1919. Follows the ^th ALH history from its formation in Sydney, training in Egypt, landing on Gallipoli and the many battles during the next 4 years in the Middle East...

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22 August 1914 Perct henry treasure enlisted with the 1st Light horse Regiment AIF Treasure was from Cowra,in the Central West of  NSW. This book is full of interesting stories relating to
Trooper Treasure and some other fellow Cowra contingent men. Also follows his involvement with other LHRsuch as ^thLHR as WW2 approached Other military exploits with the 6thLHR. This book records pictures and stories of many other Light Horsemen

Books On War Australia
John Lyons Gray 

A Classic Account of Australian Light Horsemen in Palestine During the First World War ' by using the book pen name/pseudonym of Donald Black . Gray served as Trooper 3073 with the Australian 6th Light Horse Regiment. He joined the Light Horse on the 13/5/1916 returning to Australia on the 28/1/1919.

Red Dust book is the vivid account of his experiences as aAustralian Light Horseman in the Palestinian campaign Middle East. Share this
trooper's experience in the Jordon Valley Palestine fighting the ever relentlessdesert and a tenacious enemy. A detailed text supported by illustrations givesexcellent account of daily life of an Australian Lighthorse Trooper. A valuablereference for genealogy research for any family members that served in any ofthe regiments of the Australian Light Horse during its greatest moment. A classic military book memoir of the conflict.The original 1921 edition of this book is rare.

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Dr Anne Flood

The first of 2 volumes this is the War Diary History of the Australian Light Horse Regiment from its formation in Sydney in August to the end of the Gallipoli Campaign. Dr Flood's grandfather Fred Wood of Glebe (NSW) was a Trooper (Driver) No 67 with the 1st LHR Machine Gun section.Fred was wounded at Gallipoli along with his mate herb Puckett No 53 of yass, NSW.

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12 Australian Light Horse Regiment was formed at Holsworthy (NSW) in 1915 – many of the recruits being 'natural horsemen’, good shots and acquainted with living in the open.They went into action at Gallipoli, without horses and fighting as normal infantry.

The men endured intense heat, frequent thirst, limited shelter and a lack of success against the stubborn Turkish defences at Gaza, then played a leading role at the Charge on Beersheba. 

In one of the greatest Australian feat of arms, the 12th and 4th regiments, did a ‘Charge of the Light Brigade’ and rode straight into the mouths of the Turkish guns.The wild, almost reckless, charge swept into the town and overwhelmed the defences. Most of the enemy immediately surrendered. After Beersheba, the regiment took part in the capture of Damascus.

Books On War Australia

From The Saddlebags At War

 From-The Saddlebags-At-War


Joan Starr.

This magnificently presented book was published by the Australian Light Horse Association in June 2000, and is destined to become a collectors item.

It is a hard cover publication that recounts the experiences of members of the '2nd Light Horse Regiment' in WW1 from their diaries, and interviews done some 20 years ago.

It records over 130 good quality photographs and factual accounts of experiences both on Gallipoli, and in the Western Desert. The book has160 high quality pages, and was

My Corps Cavalry


Doug Hunter
The history of the 13th Australian Light Horse Regiment 1915 - 1918.

This famous Regiment was from country Victoria. It served for a few months on Gallipoli, then Eygpt, before going on to France. The Regiment served for almost three years in France and Belgium and played an important role in Monash's victories of late 1918.
My Corps Cavalry provides a new and dramatic insight into the previously ignored roles of the 13th Australian Light Horse Regiment during the 1916 - 1918 campaigns in France.

Hard cover, p180.,Photos, maps, index, Medal & Nominal Rolls.


From Gallipoli to Palestine

The war writings of Sgt GT Clunie of the Wellington Mounted Rifles, 1914-1919, Compiled by Kevin Clunie, Edited by Ron Austin.

Garry Clunie's war writings are an unvarnished and fascinating story of war, told through the eyes of a young New Zealand farmer who had enlisted in the Army to serve his country.

ISBN 9780980637311

 They Rode Into History


ISBN 9780975835388

Unit history of 8th Light Horse Regiment, written by Max Emery, whose great uncle was killed at Es Salt in Palestine.

The history has not been told in its entirety before and is well over due. THEY RODE INTO HISTORY is a classic tale of heroism of men and their horses under terrible conditions in Egypt and Palestine.
The book is well illustrated with many photos and maps, and also includes Nominal, Honour and gallantry medal Rolls.

Maygar's Boys

ISBN 9780646325248

 A Biographical History of the 8th Light Horse by Cameron Simpson

A large format book that provides details of the military service of each member of this famous Victorian unit. The 8th Light Horse Regiment was commanded by Lt. Col Leslie Maygar VC from 1915 until his death in 1917. The book also includes some detailed accounts of the infamous Gallipoli action at the Nek, and later battles in Palestine.
Hard cover, 308 pp, many photos.


From Law To War
The life of Brigadier Lachlan Wilson of the Light Horse by Robert Likeman
Described as the least known distinguished man in Queensland', General Lachlan Wilson, a leading Queensland lawyer, also served in the Queensland Mounted Infantry in the Boer War and commanded the 5th Light Horse Regiment at Gallipoli and the 3rd Light Horse Brigade in Palestine.
A detailed 140pp biographical roll of the 5th LHR from 1914-18 is also included.


'Tis But The Time
'Tis-But-The-Time-book-Queensland-Doctor-5th-Light-Horse-by Robert-Inkerman

ISBN 9780975835364

The Life of Lt-Col Espie Dods,DSO, MC, AAMC by Robert Inkerman

The biography of a famous Queensland doctor (Dr Joseph Espie Dods) who served in the Boer War with the Queensland Mounted Infantry, in Egypt & Gallipoli with the 5th Light Horse Regiment and France.Dark side of the story typhoid fever in Sth Africa, hangings at Boggo Road Gaol, Dunwich Lunatic Asylum, the General Strike of 1912 and the horrors of two world wars.

New, Hard cover, D/J, pp232, 7"x10", many illustrations, 

Ghost At The Wedding

Shirley walker

In 1914, in the canefields of northern New South Wales, the young men couldn't wait to set off for the adventure of war. The women coped as best as they could, raised the children, lived in fear of being the next to receive an official telegram. They grieved their dead, and came to learn that for returned men there are worse things than death in combat. They bore more children to replace those lost in the First World War, and the sons were just the right age to go off to the second. The Ghost at the Wedding is like no other account of war, chronicling events from both sides - the horror of the battlefields and the women who were left at home. Shirley Walker's depictions of those battles - Gallipoli, the Western Front, the Kokoda Track - are grittily accurate, their reverberations haunting. Written with the emotional power of a novel, here is a true story whose sorrow is redeemed by astonishing beauty and strength of spirit.

Battle Lines:

Battle-Lines:- Australian-Artists-At-War-by-Scott-Bevan


Australian Artists At War
by Scott Bevan,

What is it like to be an artist in war? How does the experience of war change artists and how, in turn, has their work changed Australians' view of themselves, their country and their involvement in conflict? Award-winning journalist Scott Bevan put these questions to Australian artists who have recorded, been affected by and responded to theatres of war.



Forgotten Heroes - The Australian Waler horse

Forgotten Heroes - The Australian Waler horse


Jill Mather
During the Boer War and World War 1 thousands of Australian Waler horses were shipped overseas. Only the advent of mechanisation in 1940 saw the horse decline from military use. This book enlightens readers to the remarkable journey of the Australian Waler horse from domestic animal to an unequalled war horse. Recommended for readers aged 12 years and up. Soft cover, illustrated, 175 pages.
Walers Go To War

Walers Go To War


Vashti Farrer. Illustrated by Sue O'Loughlin

 A story about the Australian war horses, the Walers, who went with the Australian troopers to the Boer War in South Africa and with the Light Horsemen to World War 1. Delightful illustrations, many humorous, to help younger readers understand the role of horses in the Cavalry and Mounted Infantry. Softcover, Illustrated, 32 pages.
Animal Heroes



Anthony Hill  

Twenty one fascinating stories about forgotten heroes of war: animals who have served beside Australian forces. Begining with Driver a silky terrier from Sydney who became mascot of the 7th Company Field Engineers on the Western Front in 1915 to Boris a large black sniffer dog who served in East Timor as part of an explosive detection team . Paperback, Photographs, 232 pages.
A Thousand Miles of Battles

A Thousand Miles of Battles

Ian Jones

The saga of the Australian Light Horse. Published to coincide with the 90th anniversary of the charge at Beersheba, this is a comprehensive account of the triumphs and tragedies of the Australian Light Horse, from the trenches of Gallipoli, across the vast deserts of the Middle East, to the battlefields of the Western Front. Includes over 150 images from the Australian War Memorial and private collections. Hardcover, illustrated, 304 pages.
Australian Light Horse

Australian Light Horse-book

 At sunset on 31 October 1917 the 4th Australian Light Horse Brigade was ordered to gallop under fire and seize the town of Beersheba. The launch of this book marks the 90th anniversary of the Charge of Beersheba. Soft cover, photographs, 84 pages.
Bean's Gallipoli


Edited by Kevin Fewster

The diaries of Australia's official war correspondent. It is likely that C.E.W. Bean saw more of the Anzacs in battle on Gallipoli than any other person. Bean dared to go ashore at the first landings on 25 April 1915 and stayed amongst the troops in the dust and mud filling his diaries with notes and sketches. Despite his wounds he continued a remarkable personal account until the evacuation some eight months later. This is a new edition of 'Frontline Gallipoli'. It contains extracts from Bean's diaries, new commentary by Kevin Fewster and over 80 photographs, most of which were taken by Bean at Gallipoli. Paperback edition, photographs, 292 pages.
Chauvel of the Light Horse


Alec Hill

General Sir Harry Chauvel's life spanned a long and troubled period in the history of Australia. In August 1917 he became the first Australian to permanently command a corps: the Desert Mounted Corps, comprising British, Australian, and New Zealand units. Chauvel has been described as a commander that understood the capabilities of his mounted troops; used them wisely, taking calculated risks and withdrawing when necessary; and kept losses to a minimum. This new 2009 edition was first published in 1978. Hard cover, photographs, maps, 265 pages
Goodbye Cobber God Bless You
 Goodbye Cobber God Bless You

John Hamilton

On 7 August 1915, men of the 3rd Light Horse Brigade staged one of the bravest and most futile charges of the First World War. As part of the wider offensive to break out of the Anzac trenches at Gallipoli they attempted to storm a Turkish position called The Nek. John Hamilton's book is a brilliant recreation of the charge and the events that led up to it. Paperback,illustrated, 364 pages.


Patricia Stroud

The true story of a canine ANZAC hero. When the New Zealand Rifle Brigade marched down Queen Street to board their transport ship to the Western Front, they were led by their mascot, a bulldog named Caesar. One of those waving him farewell was four-year-old Ida, whose favourite ribbon had been tied to Caesar's collar by his handler, her Uncle Tom. Trained as a Red Cross dog, Caesar rescued wounded soldiers from the hell of no-man's-land. Uncle Tom wrote home about their adventures to Ida, who eventually passed the stories on to her children and grandchildren. Patricia Stroud, Ida's daughter, tells the poignant story of an unsung Kiwi hero, and a little-known aspect of the War. First published for younger readers, Caesar's story has been expanded to include Gallipoli and the Western Desert. With personal anecdotes and accounts, this story can now be seen in the wider context of New Zealand's contribution to the First World War. Hard cover, small format, illustrated, 128 pages.
Artists in Action

Artists in Action: from the collection of the Australian War Memorial

from the collection of the Australian War Memorial
This high quality full colour book contains over 100 works from the Memorial's art collection. Offering a unique perspective on works of art from some of Australia's most influential artists, including Tom Roberts, Arthur Streeton, Stella Bowen, William Dobell, Donald Friend, Sidney Nolan, Grace Cossington Smith, Peter Churcher and Wendy Sharpe. Hardcover, illustrated, 196 pages.
Henry Fullwood: War Paintings

Henry Fullwood: War Paintings

Anne Grey

The first book written on Fullwood, discussing his war paintings and re-evaluating the artists's whole achievement. Hardback, illustrated, 96 pages.
The Body Snatchers


Sue & Ron Austin 
The History of the 3rd Field Ambulance 1914-1918.

John Kirkpatrick Simpson (of donkey fame) served in the 3rd Aust Field Ambulance until his untimely death on the 19th May 1915. The work of Simpson is a perpetual reminder of the heroic devotion to duty whilst under enemy fire.

The Body Snatchers tells the story of the brave doctors, stretcher bearers, drivers and nursing orderlies who made up the 3rd Field Amb. The book traces their story through Gallipoli, France and Belgium.

Second Edition, 2010, Slouch Hat Publications, McCrae, Vic .Australia. Hard Cover, dust jacket p150, Photos, maps and index, Medal & Nominal Rolls Bibliography, Index. New list of the Officers.

800 Horsemen

Col Stringer
The 'Aussie' Light Horsemen did the impossible:
* The liberation of God's city
* The birth of a legend

Many are unaware that it was the Australian Light Horsemen who opened the doorway for the liberation of Jerusalem from centuries of Turkish rule - our nation's legacy paid in blood.



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I picked up the print today from our nosy small town postal worker. "What did you get from Australia?" she asked. When I remarked that it was a print of the Australian Light Horse in WWI all that generated was a very puzzled look.
In any event the print is absolutely gorgeous . . . better "in person" than on the website! Thanks so much for sending it out so fast. Now I've got to make some wall space available . . .
michael-j-martin Mike

Michael J Martin & Virginia, Wisconsin

Dear Mr. Marshall,

Your print on canvas "The Charge" was given to me at my retirement dinner by my officers of the Special Operations Component, Coral Springs Police Department in Coral Springs, Florida. Trully stunning rendition which captures the excitement of the moment while conveying a warmth of comeradeship to the end. It will hang in my study above my collection of King and Country Lighthorsemen collectibles.

I served 35 years with Coral Springs Police Department with the last four years as Captain of the S.O.C. which is 26 officers strong with various units (Tactical & Gang, K-9, Bikes and Substations).

Your painting made my day, thank you, F McK.