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The Charge

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"At a mile distant their thousand hooves were stuttering thunder, coming at a rate that frightened a man - they were an awe inspiring sight, galloping through the red haze - knee to knee and horse to horse - the dying sun glinting on bayonet points..."

an eye witness account by Trooper Ion Idriess

Pictured are just one section of two regiments of Australian Light Horse that on the 31st of October 1917, braved shell and machine-gun fire to gallop over 3 miles of open plain, and with bayonets drawn,charge the Turkish stronghold of Beersheba.

The men and horses were ravenously thirsty, the horses having had no water for nearly 60 hours, which gave an urgency to the attack, for once the horses smelled water there was no stopping them.

TheTurks overwhelmed by the speed and sheer audacity of the attack, failed to lower their gun-sights quickly enough, enabling the light horse regiments to gallop beneath their fire.

Within an hour Beersheba was won, and most of the precious wells were saved. This victory was strategically important as it opened the way to the taking of Palestine and Jerusalem, thus changing the course of history in the Middle East.

Of the 800 men and horses involved in this charge, 44 horses were killed, 32 horsemen died and 36 were injured. It was one of the last great cavalry charges in military history and one of the most successful.

The Light Horse Charge At Beersheba:

”Beersheba Remembered”
17TH EDITION, April 1999


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I picked up the print today from our nosy small town postal worker. "What did you get from Australia?" she asked. When I remarked that it was a print of the Australian Light Horse in WWI all that generated was a very puzzled look.
In any event the print is absolutely gorgeous . . . better "in person" than on the website! Thanks so much for sending it out so fast. Now I've got to make some wall space available . . .
michael-j-martin Mike

Michael J Martin & Virginia, Wisconsin

Dear Mr. Marshall,

Your print on canvas "The Charge" was given to me at my retirement dinner by my officers of the Special Operations Component, Coral Springs Police Department in Coral Springs, Florida. Trully stunning rendition which captures the excitement of the moment while conveying a warmth of comeradeship to the end. It will hang in my study above my collection of King and Country Lighthorsemen collectibles.

I served 35 years with Coral Springs Police Department with the last four years as Captain of the S.O.C. which is 26 officers strong with various units (Tactical & Gang, K-9, Bikes and Substations).

Your painting made my day, thank you, F McK.