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Waler With Flyveil

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Phantasia is a Waler, a descendant of the horses bred in Australia for the Indian army before WWI and the Australian army during WWI and up to WWII. She is fortunate for she is the mount of a caring and expert horseman who has fitted her bridle with a flyveil; which like her long thick mane is flying in the wind of her own making. She is moving freely and willingly, her eye is gentle but alert, and her ear turned back listening for the voice of her rider.

In the Egyptian, Sinai and Palestinian deserts, the Australian Light horsemen often fitted flyveils to their horses headstalls in an effort to protect their eyes from the nuisance and irritation of the flies and other insects which afflicted them and caused discomfort and sometimes infection. It was partly for this reason also that the Australian Light Horse did not hog their horses manes or cut short their horses tails, as the British Cavalry did; for nature had fitted out these horses with long thick tails which were adept at flicking flies away, and their long manes protected their necks from the pests as well as from the blasting sands of the Khamsin wind of those desert regions.

Phantasia is wearing a military headstall with rope attached and looped and tied around her neck, and her military bridle is fitted with a heavy military Pelham bit. This bit when in full use has two reins attached, however the Light Horseman riding this gentle horse has no need of the more severe curb rein to control his horse and does not have one fitted, using only the snaffle rein with a simple direct action on the bit in the horse’s mouth. You can clearly see how a curb rein if buckled to either one of the slots in the bar below the bit itself, when  in use would by its lever action bear pressure on the curb chain under the jaw, and via the bridle, pressure on the horse’s head behind its ears, as well as on the horse’s mouth.

In fact during the desert campaign, many Light Horsemen did not use the curb rein in their day to day activities and some even dispensed with the military bit altogether, using a simple snaffle bit instead.

Note the extra bandolier that this lovely Waler is carrying around her neck. Sometimes when the Light Horsemen were going into action and could possibly need more ammunition than the bandolier over their shoulder and pouches on their belt could carry, they carried an extra bandolier full of bullets around their horse’s neck.


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I picked up the print today from our nosy small town postal worker. "What did you get from Australia?" she asked. When I remarked that it was a print of the Australian Light Horse in WWI all that generated was a very puzzled look.
In any event the print is absolutely gorgeous . . . better "in person" than on the website! Thanks so much for sending it out so fast. Now I've got to make some wall space available . . .
michael-j-martin Mike

Michael J Martin & Virginia, Wisconsin

Dear Mr. Marshall,

Your print on canvas "The Charge" was given to me at my retirement dinner by my officers of the Special Operations Component, Coral Springs Police Department in Coral Springs, Florida. Trully stunning rendition which captures the excitement of the moment while conveying a warmth of comeradeship to the end. It will hang in my study above my collection of King and Country Lighthorsemen collectibles.

I served 35 years with Coral Springs Police Department with the last four years as Captain of the S.O.C. which is 26 officers strong with various units (Tactical & Gang, K-9, Bikes and Substations).

Your painting made my day, thank you, F McK.